Deathstar is the beginning of the end. The final stage life of a star. The aftermath of a supernova. It will continue to shine as a dwarf star or blue star until its light eventually die out resulting in a black hole effect. Billions of light years later new gas clouds are formed from matter and gases collected by the black hole effect. Galaxies begins to take shape, new worlds evolved, the genesis of life is created. Thus, the beginning of the end.

The industrial revolution of the 1600’s, who would have thought man could fly. Those doubtful predictions has long past challenged by our will for a new purpose. The inventive discoveries from ancient times were mere accidents. It’s through our archival efforts to preserve from one generation to another has helped evolutionize humanity. Builders require tools are refined through mine processing forged by machines from inventors. These inventions is now a part of our survival, civilized peace or militarized war.

Deathstar (a non-fictional term that has been used as a fictional product) Productions, offers a limited array of acting and modeling from offscreen to onscreen talents including but not limited to events planning. Imaginations are the results of your dreams, put them on films.

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