Deathstar is the beginning of the end. The final stage life of a star. The aftermath of a supernova. It will continue to shine as a dwarf star or blue star until its light eventually die out resulting in a black hole effect. Billions of light years later new gas clouds are formed from matter and gases collected by the black hole effect. Galaxies begins to take shape, new worlds evolved, the genesis of life is created. Thus, the beginning of the end.

There’s not much of a past to tell about the retail/resale trade industry let alone online shopping until the late 20th century yet trade itself has been an art practiced by humanity Before Christ (B.C.) timeline. With the enactment of the first-sale doctrine by congress in the 1900’s to physical products, not only bolster the united states government but a law that benefited everyone. The concept was simple, multiple sales tax on the same product sold by different vendors that does not apply to digital products.

Deathstar (a non-fictional term that has been used as a fictional product) Ecommerce, offers a limited array of online shopping and mail-order houses from Store and marketplace Vendors. Perhaps you will find something of value.

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